My name is Perry Coon and I am the founder of Many Mansions Photography.  Our name comes from one of my favorite scriptures in the Bible; John 14:2

I believe it is important for someone to know just who they are doing business with, so here is a little bit about me! 

 I am a lifelong Oregonian, graduated from Southern Oregon University, served with the Oregon Army National Guard and worked as a police officer for 12 years in Hillsboro, OR.  You may be saying to yourself....from policing to photography? Valid question indeed.  I found that I was spending all my extra time looking at properties, photographing properties and falling in love with real estate, so I made the jump. 

I have a strong linear mindset with a dabble of creativity,(I like straight lines and some flare to go with it) so the natural course for me was Real Estate and Architecture Photography.  I do love taking on a project of other sorts, whether it be some sort of portraiture, product photography or an event.  NO I don't shoot weddings!! Wedding photographers are true Saints.  

What I have found is that to be good at photography, one has to be able to see what others don't. If a photograph doesn't inspire emotion and/or action, it's just a picture; that is not what I set out to do.

Our values run deep and we strive to pass along these values to our clients. We value honesty, integrity, absolute quality, timeliness and the creative mind of our clients. We also understand business and that time is money.

We enjoy what we do and we hope that you will enjoy working with us in the future.