Professional Photography $200.00 

Twilight Photos 


  • 32 professionally captured and edited photos.  Each Photo will be carefully scrutinized and edited in post production for incredible visual representation.  You will receive print, web and MLS quality and properly sized photos. 

  • Lightroom and Photoshop editing:  Photos that need a fire in the fireplace, picture on a television, a light where on may be missing, or something edited out; these are included within reason. Please feel free to let us know what you would like us to add or take away from the photos for your desired customization.  We want our photos be as amazing as you do, it's both our reputations on the line and we take that very seriously.  

  • Sky replacements are included at your discretion.  If nature was on our side that day, we may leave the sky as is, but as so many times we see here in the Northwest, the sky just needs some attention.  We will replace the sky on all exterior photos that we send you. 

  • Feature Shot.  This is where we break out the specialized lens and get a super cool photo of a unique feature of the property.  Examples would be a faucet, sink, light fixture, etc.  (I will do a feature shot if I see one, but I would prefer if you would request it and tell me which feature you would like photographed)

  • Twilight Shot.  The right home photographed with it's lights on during a twilight shot is like no other.  Don't underestimate the power of emotion this shot can bring.  We can usually get about 3-4 images on a Twilight shoot.  Take a look at our portfolio and tell me these shots don't create awe!!

    Each property will come with the ability for you to create an editable property website, flyers, postcards, link to social media and incorporate digital media. This is absolutely FREE!! 

       If you have a large home or property that just needs more than 32 photos, we are happy to provide additional photos at $10.00 each.  

Exterior Only Photos:


6 Exterior photos, to include angles from front, sides and back.  Photos edited for incredible results, to include sky swap if desired. 

$25.00 Discount when 2 or more primary items are ordered.

(This discount will be applied by MMP at billing)

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